Saturday, August 10, 2013

Inspired by the sea and the garden.

Recently I've been inspired by colors and sealife. Probably my recent vacation at the seaside. Even if, well, in Brittany you won't meet any tropical fish. The ones below can be found here.

tropical fish painted atc cards

Still inspired by the sea, I've decided to go wild and add some embellishments to my crochet skirt. It's not finished yet. But here's a preview: it should turn out fun. The cephalopod is made from the (free) Demi Octopus pattern, knitting 2 strands of worsted together: it's a gigantic sea beastie!

octopus crochet skirt

Finally, rather garden than sea inspired, I've made a set of pumpkin aceo cards.

zentangle halloween pumpkin cards

This afternoon is knitting group meeting, I plan to make progress on a cardigan...