Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hexipuff madness and other stuff.

It's been a while since my last post, been quite busy these days so today is time to catch up.

1. Hexipuffs. If you've been on Ravelry in the last couple of years you must have read about the Beekeeper's quilt! I don't plan to make a blanket. I don't need another one. But the hexipuff bug bit me. Especially after I saw all the duplicate stitching charts. This month I've started with 5, firmly stuffed as I plan to make something like a chair cushion with them in the end. Random mix so far: animals, Doctor who stuff and Totoro. I plan those to be my small go-to projects in between larger projects, it'll take the time it takes to have enough for a cushion.

doctor who and totoro hexipuffs

2. Mail. The September issue of Simply Knitting made it to my mailbox. Freebie is the best since I have a subscription: short 8mm bamboo needles. Only pattern I really spotted this month is this beautiful pair of colorwork socks. But after my 12 pairs in 2012 challenge last year socks are not on the top priority list right now.

simply knitting 111 september 2013

3. I listed some more gift tags this week, quidditch and house animals: all Harry Potter lovers need!

golden snitch handmade gift tags watercolor painting

harry potter handmade gift tags ravenclaw eagle, slytherin snake, hufflepuff badger, gryffindor lion

I'll  be on the road quite a lot this coming weekend, hope to make progress on my cardigan!