Friday, July 19, 2013

Yarn disaster: let's stay zen!

I was excited to wind my skein of bamboo lace yarn. Probably way too excited. Cut the loop open, dropped the skein, walked in the big loop... And it ended completely tangled. Over 1000 yards of cobweb lace mess. Rubbish bin is not an option: it's yarn from a dear friend and it'll make a shawl in the most perfect shades for me.

First I thought I'd managed to avoid the worse...

winding tangled yarn bamboo lace


That's how it looks like when watching closely.

tangled lace weight yarn

Here we go. Long evening of detangling. Good music. Comfy chair. And patience.

tangled bamboo yarn

I went from that...

winding bamboo lace weight yarn

... to that in... hmmm... I can't remember how long, actually I prefer not to watch the clock.

lace weight yarn detangle

This is only about 20% of the skein. I think there are going to be many more detangling sessions in the coming days. At least bamboo doesn't suffer from too much handling.