Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Skirt, yarn treat and new vest.

As I told you I'd do, I took my linen skirt out of hibernation. I alternate stitches now. It goes really fast and it's entertaining. If it turns out fine, I'll post a tutorial. It's mostly improvised-as-I-go but I took notes for each step so I can share it with you. So far it fits!

green crochet lace skirt

I also casted on a vest. I had to frog 2 times because I had twists. I'm knitting the body in the round to underarms. Decision went for Fair Play first (thank you for your comments everyone!). Why? It's hot those days and cotton yarn is the perfect fiber. Fire colors it'll be made of!

knitted ribbing vest

To finish for today, eye candy in the mailbox... 100% bamboo cobweb yarn. Such a big fan of those colors!

purple cobweb yarn

I'll tell you more about it when I've turned it into a shawl!