Friday, July 26, 2013

Octopus fun and vacation plans.

After facing several knitting and yarn issues recently, I've decided to go for a fun quick demi octopus. I wanted to give the pattern a try for a while. I love how it turned out. You can also notice it turned out huge! I was thinking about sewing it on a hat but it's way too big. Should have made it in sock yarn.

demi octopus applique

So now I'm considering using it on the blue skirt I'm crocheting.

blue crochet skirt with octopus

This could be fun! Not taking that on vacation with me as it's pretty bulky, so I have time to think it over. What's going to be in my luggage? My vest in progress. I figured out a way to make the fair-isle chart work.

red knitted vest fire colors

Not sure I'll blog from vacation, I'll probably see you again in about 10 days... with hopefully not too much progress on this vest (because the "too much" would mean rainy vacation or failure and hours stuck in the middle of nowhere)!!!