Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sometimes things simply don't want to go smoothly. Remember the yarn disaster? I made it. It literally took me hours to wind a ball without cutting into the yarn. I finished while waiting for Royal Baby news last night. I'm usually not into celebrity stuff but I must confess I got hit by the Royal Baby fever. Anyways, here's the yarn. I played with it so long my eargerness to cast on has vanished. The yarn is now back in a box, shawl will be knitted later.

purple and pink bamboo lace weight yarn

I've made no progress on my Fair Play vest. Not only because I was busy detangling yarn. I found out the written explanations and the chart of the fair-isle don't match. I wrote the publisher and contacted the designer with the hope to sort it out despite the summer holidays time. If not I'll have to improvise... or give up and frog the ribbing but I don't want to consider this second option yet.

So I took the decision to start another crochet skirt. Easy and quick (J / 6 mm hook). Right what I need now. I'm using Drops Muskat Soft yarn, love it, it's so soft and has great colors. When I entered my project into the Ravelry database I found out it's now discontinued. Too bad I have only 1 more color in my stash.

blue crochet skirt in progress