Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heatwave hippo eats ice cream!

Last week, while my Doctor Who scarf was blocking I started to knit a Heatwave Hippo from the June issue of Simply Knitting (please respect copyright and don't ask me for the pattern, the back issue is still available here). Excepted the light grey I decided to use some leftovers from the scarf because my leftovers bag is brimming over. As usual with Alan Dart patterns, there are many pieces to put together but surprisingly less than for many other of his patterns.

I made the feet following the sitting option to save space for more stuffies on my shelf.

alan dart heatwave hippo knitted toy

As you can see I made her a crochet cone of ice cream. You can find the pattern for free here. Refreshments are welcome in the hot summer. I chose a black sesame flavor I ate once at a Japanese restaurant. There was a Hufflepuff pride challenge going on in the HPKCHC so black and yellow project it had to be!

Can't resist to post another picture from the side...

knitted hippo from alan dart pattern