Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf is finished!

knit doctor who scarfIt's done. All done. Blocked and tasseled properly.

This gigantic scarf reaches my heels and is going to keep me warm next winter (I hope it'll spend some time in the cupboard and I won't have to take it out too early though).

I remind you I used this pattern with sports weight yarn. I made the Season 12 one, the longest with all portions. It used up about 1050 yards. Know that the yardage in the pattern is very accurate but doesn't include the tassels: good I had an extra ball of grey (purchased to make a toy but there's enough left for that). It's thick and huge enough despite a gauge a bit smaller than the one suggested. It doesn't need to clean the floor behind me.

It's totally beginner level: you only need to know how to cast on, knit and cast off: there's not even a purl stitch. The less fun side is that it can quickly get pretty boring to knit. Good there are stripes to keep it entertaining (and dvds and knitting group meetings!).

And the best suprise is that my scarf is totally wearable not as disproportionate and oversized as I feared it would be at all: I love long scarves you can wrap 2 several times around your neck.

doctor who scarf knitted

OK, I bet with a friend I'd post some crazy happy dance pictures with my scarf... I don't fear the riddikulus spell. Would I have knitted this mad scarf if I did? Surely not!

fun doctor who scarf picture

See you soon with some small projects I have planned before starting the next 1000+ yards item!