Friday, July 12, 2013

Cassette tape phone cozy.

Before getting my linen skirt in progress out of hibernation after a month of deep hesitation about how lacy I wanted the bottom part to be I knitted a brand new cozy for my phone. The old one was in a really poor shape. I had a crush on the Remember when? pattern from the Simply Knitting issue that came in the mail last week.

simply knitting 109 summer 2013

I had to change the shape a little as my phone is rather slim compared to the most recent ones and I also decided to make it reversible on both sides reversing the chart for the back so it looks like a real cassette tape.

 retro audiocassette phone cozy knitting

The fit is perfect.

remember when cassette tape knit phone cozy

I'm happy: my intarsia is pretty clean and the worse part is behind.

I can't imagine knitting a sweater sized item with that many small intarsia areas.

Wish you all a great weekend!