Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yarn and scrubbie.

Yesterday was the first day of official summer sales here. Of course I had to make a trip to the yarn store. I came home with some mercerized cotton (well the red one wasn't even on sale).

mercerized cotton yarn

I plan to knit a colored vest with it. There's this Fair Play pattern in the July issue of Simply Knitting I fell in love with. Mine is obviously going to be much brighter. Of course you probably don't ignore my love for pink but I don't want to dress in pink every single day.

fair play vest from simply knitting 108 july 2013

Before casting on I need to finish my 2 garter stitch projects, my shrug is almost finished (less than half a sleeve left) and my Doctor Who scarf has less than 1/4 left.

However, to take a quarter hour break I knocked down this scrubbie. It's going to be a small addition to a swap parcel. Waiting for mail from me? May be for you! The pattern is Hyperbolic Pseudosphere Scrubbie: my gauge being tighter mine doesn't look as curly.

crochet cotton scrubbie

Have a great day everyone! I'm meeting with fellow knitters later today. Once again rainy trip to the Café...