Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shrug progress and more yarn in stash.

What's been going on here those last days? It's been warm, even really hot. Lots of outdoors knitting until late in the evening. And my shrug has grown a lot. Only about 1" left for the circular part... with plenty of stitches on the needles. My math tells me I'll end up with 707 stitches. I never had that many before, 624 was my previous record. I don't imagine beating those 707. The last Dan Brown audiobook and some old Doctor Who episodes are keeping me great company while working on that.

knitted pink shrug in progress

I've also recently purchased yarn for a future project. No garter stitch again, once I'm done with this shrug and my Doctor Who scarf I probably will be fed up with it for a while. So I'm going to knit a fair-isle vest: A Great British Knit. Coming November I'll make a trip to Glasgow. Even if it'll be a lot of work and only little visiting I'm already excited about it. Hope to have finished it by then, and of course I'll choose the thistle chart for the flowery row of my vest.

Woll butt versailles yarn

The yarn is Woll Butt Versailles. I wanted something soft. Shetland is for sure great rustic yarn for fair-isle but I don't consider it soft. And of course I wanted colors close to the original. Not so easy to find a brand with all shades of the palette. My red is a bit bright and my lilac a bit light but I'm optimistic that it's going to work out fine.

Now back to gasps garter stitch!