Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random evening post.

1. Rain is back. Wind and cool cold weather too. No knitting on the balcony tonight. Time to gasps pick up a cardigan and blog.

2. Tomorrow is my birthday but also my sister's. We're not twins. She's 9 years younger than I am. Happy Birthday to her!

3. The circular portion of my shrug is finished. It took me almost an hour to bind off the final 707 stitches. Good news, it fits nicely without the sleeves. Sleeves start with 110 stitches and the number decreases. Believe me those rounds seem very short.

knitted circular shrug WIP

4. Before starting the sleeves of the shrug, I made an instant gratification project. The kind you can finish in half an hour. It's a keyring from the July 2013 issue of Simply Knitting that landed in my mailbox recently.

knitted keychain in home shape