Friday, June 7, 2013

Graduation bunny and speed challenge.

There's been some frenetic crafting going on these days.

First, I took part in a time trial in the HPKCHC. Quidditch race was all about crocheting this market bag or knit a similar one as quickly as possible. I went with crochet as it's faster. I spent 2 hours and 10 minutes making it. With a couple of embellishments. I finished 4th. And with achy fingers. I'm amazed by how fast crochet goes with a 6mm hook, first time I used one that large (and actually the largest I have). The embellishments are this flower and this butterfly.

crochet market bag with butterfly and flower

Once the adrenaline of the race went back to normal rates, I knitted the Bravo Bunny I promised my sister for graduation. I love Alan Dart patterns. He's a genius in toy designing. The pieces are easy to knit. But expect to end with something like that.

alan dart bravo bunny pieces

The making up makes it all. I hate sewing. I really do. I love seamless sweaters and in the round stuff. I usually don't go for flat toys. But Alan Dart's patterns are so great once finished I even learned to mattress stitch neatly.

knitted graduation bunny from alan dart pattern

Wish you all a fantastic weekend and Knit in Public Day tomorrow!