Monday, June 3, 2013

Fruity bookmarks and more owls!

It's been a while since my last brushes and pencils post. Time to have a look at my recent production. Yes, I think production's the appropriate word, because I've been feeling really productive recently. Maybe the  effect of (shy) sunshine that's finally shown up...

1. Owls. A couple of brand new owls have joined the collection of Tarot ACEO cards: Strength and The Star.

pair of owl atc cards

2. Don't fear the devil (but the techy stuff)! There's only one devil available in my Etsy shop, the second is a ghost listing that happened during an Etsy bug. I'm still hopeful a tech can remove it or I'll have to wait until September 24 with this second unexisting devil showing up. Sent the staff a screenshot and been promised they'd have a look.

3. Bookmarks. This weekend I got my watercolors out. I felt greedy for sweet food too. Good thing with virtual calories is you won't take weight. So, fruit and desserts joined the bunnies.

set of three painted bookmarks with fruit and dessert

4. Graduation. Nothing to do with art or knitting but I'm the happiest sister as my little sister graduated from college today. Wonder if I should knit her a Bravo Bunny to celebrate as they don't do real ceremonies here in France. That's her tasting my hummus...