Sunday, May 19, 2013


set of black markers
Have you ever given zentangles a try? If not maybe you should consider doing so. You'll enjoy them because:

- Zentangles are easy to learn, relaxing and fun.
- Zentangles are suitable for all ages and skills.
- Zentangles only require a black pen/marker and a sheet of paper (I have a bunch of different sized points markers but a 0.5mm one is good size to start with).

pastels carres conte
By assembling basic patterns in different ways you can make nice stuff. There are several free lists of patterns you can use as inspiration on the Internet. My favorite source is However I rarely use them as they're shown. Let your creativity free!

For the set below, I've stained the background paper with soft pastels. I love the Carré Conté ones as they blend well but without being excessively chalky.

ACEO cards backgrounds

I blend the colors with my fingers. It reminds me finger painting when I was in kindergarten. I didn't take a picture of my fingers though: my camera would have spots of all kind of colors now.

Should you want to make a first zentangle attempt I suggest photocopy paper or bristol. Once the cards stained with pastels you have to spray them with fixative. And it's not the easiest surface to work on.

And here's a picture of my recently finished cards (you may already have seen them in my Etsy shop).
set of five atc cards with zentangles