Friday, May 17, 2013

WIPs Friday, the second.

bandol tee on the needlesRemember last week I told you about the 3 large projects I had on the needles? Well I made some progress this week. A bit different from my initial plans but a lot of crafting anyways...

1. Bandol. I have finished the back. And started the front too. I'll sure reach the part with the intarsia bow. It should get less boring than the stripes then. I was a little worried about colors in the first place as I took out oddballs from my stash, but they look good together.

pink knitted rectangle
2. Garter Stitch Circular Shrug. If you haven't found out yet, garter stitch is:
- slow.
- boring.
- repetitive.

The back rectangle of the shrug is done. I need to do the math for the circle around now. Pattern is a tutorial only. Fingers crossed it's going to work out. I prefer not to think about the enormous gigantic rows of garter to come.

green and yellow skirt on the hook
3. Linen skirt. This is going slower than expected. Progress is only about 2" from last week.

4. Plans for the coming week:
- Finish front of Bandol.
- Do the math of the shrug.
- Add about 5-6" to the skirt (first portion).

We'll see next Friday how far I went...

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!