Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hook and pencils out!

green and yellow skirt on the hookLast weekend was, once again... rainy! This means I've been pretty productive with my crafts.

1. Linen skirt. I made progress. Not as much as I wished but enough to be happy though. Truth is, I found out 100% linen is rough and you need to make frequent breaks even with a loose gauge. But it's only a matter of time to finish it.

temperance tarot card with owl
original drawing of a devilish owl
 2. More owls. I'm having a lot of fun drawing those tarot cards ACEO with owls. Temperance and The Devil have joined my collection. I know even my devil doesn't look scary. But it's not the goal right? Currently I'm working on The Star and Strength, so stay tuned!

3. Zodiac art. It's been a while I've started a series of 5 x 7" drawings representing zodiac signs. Finally I finished (actually took pictures and listed) the first couple: Sagittarius and Pisces. Other signs are coming in the next weeks. And remember as well these astrology drawings that would make a great birthday present as the owls about are eligible for the Birthday sale.

centaur lady sagittarius sign

tropical fish colored pencil drawing

See you later this week for Doctor Who scarf progress!