Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday randomness #12.

knitting pattern magazine
1. Subscription. A few days ago I got the May issue of Simply Knitting in the mail. I sometimes bought it when I had a crush on the Alan Dart patterns. Now I have a subscription and won't miss them any longer. It's an unexpected birthday present from my best friend. It came a month early (June is my birthday and June was supposed to be the first issue to show up in my mailbox). It obviously doesn't take as long to get a subscription running as for many French magazines. I didn't have any knitting magazine subscriptions those last years. I had a subscription to Bergère de France brochures in the past but found out all the fun patterns were children / baby sized, so I never renewed it.

knit cat toy pattern
2. Needles and cats. The magazine came with a set of 5 bamboo DPNS and a couple of point protectors. They must have guessed bamboo needles were my favorite. Those will come in good use as I have decided to knit one of the adorable Kitties Alan Dart designed. Did I tell you before I was a total sucker for stuffies? With next issue will come a Heatwave Hippo pattern, can't wait to get it.

yellow and green knitted flower
3. Knitting. I did some knitting these days too. I started the ribbing of a sweater. I will write more about that soon. I also made this lovely flower. I attached it to an elastic to make it a hair accessory. And so my first (and required) class of the month in the HPKCHC tournament is done.

4. Yarn. I have purchased some yarn for my insane project: the Doctor Who scarf. The perfect brown was out of stock. I hope to get some soon to not have to use chocolate brown as a substitute. I wish I was able to time travel to that moment right before it sold out.

I wish you all a fantastic crafty weekend!