Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free mini sweater knitting pattern and planning too.

Today is the first day of the new term in the HPKCKC on Ravelry (What you're not yet in? Know that you're always welcome to come over and play along!). 3 months of intensive crafting (and chatting because yeah I confess I'm among the chatty ones) to come. I've been sorted into Hufflepuff once again.

mini sweater knitted
To celebrate start of the term I've released a free mini sweater pattern for you. It has a golden snitch on the front (if you haven't noticed yet, I'm a quidditch fan). You can also make the sweater without the duplicate stitch snitch on the front, it would look great knitted plain with some variegated sock yarn. 2 different snitch charts are available.

mini sweater knitted with snitch
As it's meant toward a Ravelry activity, the pattern is exclusively available on Ravelry (for free... and for everyone): Golden Snitch Mini Sweater

It's also time to get organized and plan (all links get you to the Ravelry pattern page).

Large projects I want to complete during the 3 months to come:

- Garter Stitch Circular Shrug. This is going to be a lot of garter stitch. And math too as the pattern is a recipe. I'm going to use sports weight yarn to make it a summer shrug. It should take me 1500 yards. I plan to make this an OWL to have 3 months to complete it.

- Doctor Who Scarf. I've recently started to watch some Dr Who episodes. Believe me I'm going to watch many more. I wish I had known about it earlier. I need one of those scarves. I bought some yarn for it yesterday. I'm missing 1 color. But I'll need more than a month to knit this so I'll propose it for a BROOM. This means no casting on before May 26. Time enough to get this ball the LYS owner will put aside for me when next delivery's coming. 

May projects:

- Set of 4 blanket squares (8x8") - self designed. The charts are ready. Just need to knit them up. Pattern will join the "Potions!" collection. Want a teaser? Love potion!

- Bandol. I've been planning to knit one since I saw it in Simply Knitting... last summer. This month's the right one. I have nothing on the needles right now. And as said above, I won't be allowed to cast on the scarf right away. It's now or never if I want to wear it when it's getting warm.

- A knitting cat. Alan Dart patterns are lovely. But those are way too cute to be satisfied with the picture alone. I really want to treat myself to one of them.

- Birthday present for friend. This has yet to be determined. But it will be of the small kind, not time consuming at all.

- Socks. This is the "optional if I have time" item. I love to design socks and hope I'll have time to go with a new pair.