Monday, April 15, 2013

Owl ACEO cards step by step.

Next Saturday night I'm going to a night birds watch with friends. They've been there for several years, but it'll be a first time for me. I'm completely excited about it. 

To celebrate owls and get in the mood, I painted some monochromatic owls ACEO cards during the weekend.

Step 1: Sketching. You have to keep in mind watercolors don't cover pencil well. That means minimal light drawing, barely visible.

Step 2: Background. Time to get the watercolors out. I've chose to make them pastel in the main color chosen for the card.

four cards with owls

Who says pastel says a lot of water. This means you'll have to be patient until they're dry. I made some chocolate chips cookies in the meantime. Ok I cheated and used Nestlé Toll House cookie mix for express cookies. Note to myself: for less flaky cookies, add more water next time.

bunck of cookies with chocolate chips

Step 3: Owls. Now the backgrounds should be dry. Time to paint the owls themselves. As I've decided to make them in shades of one color this means playing with lightness/darkness and mixing colors.

four whimsical owl ACEO cards

Step 4: Details. Once the owls are dry (I left them overnight, no need for more cookies) it's time to get watercolor pencils out. Short digression to brag about the brand new box I bought with my mum's Easter money.

brand new set of watercolor pencil

And the owls are ready to join my bunnies.

Finished ACEO cards with blue, yellow, brown and green owl