Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knitting at the park.

When it's warm and sunny like yesterday I like to take a 1 or 2 hours knitting break at the park nearby. I love knitting outdoors. Sadly it was so cold recently this has been the first time since last October. Usually I make some great progress. Yesterday I only managed to knit a slipper short-row heel.

close up on the heel of a sock in progress

Why, oh why, didn't I accomplish more?! I went checking on the animals and took some shots. So what are they doing while I'm usually busy knitting?

There are...

... the flamingos and the lake turtles that rest and enjoy the sun.

three flamingo birds resting

bunch of turtles on a tree under the sun

... the hungry peacock.

peacock eating grains

... the noisy storks.

two storks on a nest

... the ducks that groom.

couple of ducks grooming

... the rodent that comes.

close up on large mouse kind rodent

... the wallaby that goes.

wallaby hopping

And then there are there's this nasty rhea bird that stares at you...

close up on head of a rhea bird

... only to make you a smelly present.

poo of a rhea bird

I hope you enjoyed the trip!