Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday randomness #8.

1. Plans. I know you missed me. I neglected my blog somewhat this week. I was thinking things over. I was also crafting a lot. And I had itchy eyes (pollens for sure). So I wasn't around my computer so much.

2. WIP. I made huge progress on my circular shawl this week. Remember how small it was last week? It's getting really large. I now have 576 stitches on the needle. I love the Katia Jaipur yarn I'm using, it's very soft and has vibrant colors. The larger the rounds the smaller the stripes. Only 12 more rounds and I'm ready for the lace edging.

pi shawl in katia jaipur blue and pink shades work in progress

3. Paintings. I have come to the decision to try to find the right balance between my paintings and my pattern offer in my etsy shop. This set of gift tags was really fun to make. More bunnies of course!

set of eight whimsical rabbit label ornaments handmade painted