Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday randomness #11.

And it's already Friday again!

april friendship square exchange parcel
1. Square swap #1. I got a fabulous package for the April round of Friendship Square Exchange from Vierma on Ravelry. The theme of the month was pocket squares (you can see the one I made for my partner here). Not only did a lovely pocket square with a cute butterfly pocket mirror inside make it to my mailbox but there were also a bonus square, a nice card, tea and chocolate for my sweet tooth included. Thank you so much for spoiling me!

peony square from jan eaton 200 crochet blocks
2. Square swap #2. I also crocheted the square I'll send for the May round. May is all about flowers. This is a very popular theme and many great patterns to choose from. I once again made a square from the 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton book. Amazon just told me I bought it almost exactly 2 years ago. I still love it and use it almost each month at least for inspiration. It's only drawback is that it uses British crochet terminology and I sometimes forget it when I start my square. This flowery white and hot pink square is "Peony". Want to join in the fun? You have a couple more days to sign up.

colorful acrylic and nylon sock yarn
3. Yarn. I wound a skein of colorful sock yarn the other day. I plan to knit some socks with it soon. It's this Vegan Sock Yarn I ordered not long ago. I don't have a ball winder. I don't plan to buy one either. I don't feel I need one. I'm used to the old way: racing around 2 chairs. Doesn't look too bad.

4. Soles. I got questions about "what soles do you use?" after I posted the non-slippery slippers post. Here's a picture of the wrapping. Of course mine were in a French/German language packaging. It should give you an idea. I'm sure the same kind is available in many countries. I get them at the supermarket. They are those soles that you usually slip inside your tennis shoes when running in winter to avoid cold feet.

I wish you all a great weekend (even if I hope to be back tomorrow with the cutest crochet project finished)!