Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crochet snail amigurumi.

After a couple of warm sunny days, it's raining again. It's raining a lot. That kind of weather you can expect snails to be happy with. May Milton The Slowpoke Snail enjoy.

green and purple crochet snail amigurumi

It didn't want it to be 10x11". My space is limited and I have an addiction for that kind of cuties. So I used a E (3.5mm) hook and DK weight yarn (it's cheap acrylic, good enough for toys). Came out fine. Final size is 6x7", just perfect.

The pattern is from Crocheted Softies: 18 Adorable Animals from Around the World by Stacey Trock. I got this book for Christmas last year. Milton is the first of them I actually made, but all the patterns are adorable. One I especially like is Sherwin The Alpaca, sadly it supposes mastering loop stitch. My first attempt was an epic fail: more training needed. But Sherwin will happen one day, I promise.

crochet amigurumi toy book