Monday, April 8, 2013

A crafty weekend.

lacy shawl in progress on the needles
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Over here there's been a lot of crafting going on. Let's summarize...

1. I've knitted a lot. I was at knitting group on Saturday afternoon and stayed much longer than usual. I took my shawl in progress with me. Stockinette in the round is perfect when you chat. No mistakes and no frogging this week at all. I'm now ready for the lace edging.
wool ready for intarsia knitting2. I got some yarn ready for a surprise project. It's going to be a quick small one. I promise you won't have to wait long until I show it to you. All those little balls? Intarsia of course! Fingers crossed I won't mess up the yarn while knitting. Please send some anti-tangle wibes over... 

sheet of watercolor paper painted with a baby rabbit and three balloons3. I finished painting another cute baby bunny.  Those bunnies get addictive. I've decided to expand the art part of my Etsy shop. It was time to tweak things. First I adapted the name of my shop to the diversification I decided, it's now CuteCreationsByLea instead of Cuteknittingpatterns. Of course you'll still find all my patterns there. I also decided to go for a better banner meant to last. It was made by Lisa from MLDesginWorks (she offers some really great stuff!).