Monday, March 25, 2013

Friendship square exchange.

One of the first groups I took part in when I joined Ravelry almost 3 years ago (yes, time is flying by...) was the Friendship Square Exchange group.

Each month, we swap a 6x6" (15x15cm) knitted or crocheted square. And each month we have a different theme. You can swap every month or only when you are inspired. I haven't missed a single month yet, even if some months are more inspiring than others I have always come up with something! This also means I have a lot of squares in my box right now (some generous swappers even send a bonus square). I should really really really consider a sewing session soon (I hate the "sewing" part going with knitting and crochet) and show off all the wonderful squares I received. I love this swap and postage remains reasonable even when mailing international which is most often the case as I live in France.

In March I received a lovely flowery square from Liontigerbear (March theme was Sender's Favorite).

yellow flowers blue crocheted block cards from Foley in the united states of america and pink zipper pull

April theme is "Pocket square". I have already made my square ahead of time. The square is a basic circular double crochet block, the pocket a half circle made in double crochet too (I love double crochet).

crocheted block in double crochet with variegated blue background and white half circle pocket

In the pocket is hiding a little cutie.

knit girl bear attached to crocheted block

This adorable tiny girl bear is adapted from Bear Christmas Tree Decorations.

blue granny square with white pocket close up on tiny girl bear knitted in sock yarn brown with pink dress

Want to swap too? You are welcome. And it's still time to sign up for April