Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday randomness (on Thursday) #7.

I know it's Thursday and I'm a day early but there's a long four days weekend coming and as usual Easter weekend is a busy one.

yoke and bust knitting of a cotton acrylic short sleeved sweater WIP
1. WIP #1. I casted on a summer top about a week ago. This is going to be my first "sweater" pattern. It doesn't look like much so far, it's going to be a top down one piece garnment. Less than 2 inches to go in the easy stockinette part then comes shaping and more complicated stuff. Yarn is Lammy Yarns Corrida, a fingering weight 60% cotton / 40% acrylic blend, perfectly light for the summer. Just need to wait for warm weather...

katia jaipur shawlette WIP
2. WIP #2. I must confess I'm a bit tired of this chocolate brown yarn. It's not so much my kind of color. It will however be nice to wear and it was a present in the first place. But I've decided to take a break from it:  this weekend I'm going to work on a lace shawl. I did all the math based on the PI formula. Remember the yarn? It's the one I told you about last week. There's actually the blue one but also a ball of contrasting color for the lacy stipes. I love how the colors blend in each others. 

3. Painting. Sometimes I like to put the needles down and pick up my brushes (however I knit a lot more than I paint or draw). Of course as a big bunny and yarn lover... well here's the result.

watercolour and ink pen art trading cards with rabbit yarn ice cream snow and flowers