Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday randomness #5.

1. Dentist's madness. Can you believe it? I went to my dentist's office 3 times in 10 days. Had he believed me at the first appointment that I had a tooth ache I wouldn't have ended with a sinus infection.

sock in progression pear with a bite colorwork2. Snow madness. It's March. It's supposed to be spring. It's supposed to not snow anymore. While coming back from the funeral of a former collegue my train got stuck by snow. I should consider myself lucky: an hour later there would have been no train anymore at all. I've had more time I ever wished to admire the countryside of Picardie under the snow. I should have taken a ball of extra yarn. One cautious knitter should  always plan the unexpected. Good I had paper and a pencil and could sketch a new hat design. You should discover it sometimes next week.

parcel with vegan treats cascade fixation yarn earrings and stickers for animal protection
3. Sock madness. I casted on another pair of socks. I feel a crazy need to knit socks these days. Those are going to be textured with a band of pears in colorwork. I had to start over 3 times: the colorwork is tighter than the textured sock. Playing with two different needle sizes did the trick. Soon to come this third pattern in the Fruity Socks collection.

4. Yarn madness. This week was mad. I think I deserved a yarn treat. I ordered a couple of yummy skeins of sock yarn from Canada. I'll show you a picture when they reach my mailbox. If you are impatient you can have a look here and here (Heidi has more of it if you want to order some vegan yarn!). I also got some yarn in a fabulous swap package from aimeedars and treats that came just when I most needed chocolate!

I wish you all a great crafty weekend!

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