Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Berries Washcloth pattern.

bobbles texture berry dishcloth afghan blanket squareAs you have probably noticed I love to knit squares, as well for blankets as washcloths. So after a series of colorwork designs I have decided to experiment with textures. I'm a huge cables and bobbles lover.

I'm even fascinated by bobbles. They can be large, small, scattered here and there or spread all over an item.  There's room for so many variations. They can be added to a piece of knitwear to simply create texture or to represent something like cherries... or berries! I once made a sweater with over 800 wee bobbles (you didn't even have to turn your work): I had fun from the first to the last one.

So now I give you the opportunity to play with bobbles!

bobbles texture berry dishcloth afghan blanket square

You can find it on Ravelry...

... or buy it directly for $1.99:

Happy knitting!

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