Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Strawberry Smoothie Socks pattern.

I already told you, last weekend I've been sock knitting. With a delayed return train it was even the opportunity to finish my pair. And here they are, my Strawberry Smoothie Socks.

Why this name you wonder? Because strawberry smoothie is one of my favorite drinks. I'm a total sucker for strawberries. And this yarn knitted up in a way that made me crave a glas from start to end.

Don't like pink shades? Choose another flavor for your smoothie. This pattern will look fabulous with any variegated yarn!

Lacy ruffled socks for spring! Why wait any longer? Get your copy now for $4.50: 

Those socks are knitted cuff down, with a wide toe (closed with grafting) and a short row heel (explained row by row). An easy to memorize yet entertaining diagonal eyelets pattern (both written and charted) will give you these stunning socks. Finally you'll find a detailed stitch guide.

bamboo yarn strawberries sock patterns lace eyelets diagonal

To finish, a word about the yarn I used. It's Wendy Happy, and it's the first time I worked with it. I LOVE it! It's a super soft bamboo/nylon blend and if a little splitty not as much as most bamboo yarns. It pools lovely. However there was a knot in the ball and it seems the color repeats were a wee bit shorter after. I dont really mind as I don't care for twins. I never succeed in making two socks matching exactly with variegated or striping yarn and I've decided I could wear fraternal brothers just as well.

Of course you absolutely don't need to use the same yarn to make your socks!