Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Randomness #1.

strasbourg snow morning tree

1. Snow. This morning I woke up to the most beautiful view: gorgeous white trees. Sadly it has already started to melt.

chickpea salad sauteed protein weat
2. Lenten resolutions. Lent season has started on Wednesday. Like every year the time for fast and do good has come. This year I have decided to not buy yarn for myself. My global goal is to destash in 2013. Having no yarn come in during 6 weeks will help. I've also decided to craft a bunch of charity projects. How many will depend on available time. Some people decide to eat more healthy or give up meat or other foods all or some days. I don't drink or smoke and chocolate I just can't give up. I'm also already a vegetarian. See, sauteed chickpeas and seitan with salad from yesterday's lunch.

sweater knitting knitted striped short sleeves cotton bust shaping
3. Work in progress. The Lambton top I have already told you about is growing. I have finally made some serious progress and finished the bust shaping. There are really a lot of increases and decreases. I hope it's going to fit my body well. Tomorrow afternoon there's a knitting group meeting and I'll take it with me. I really want to finish it before the end of the month.

card swap hpkchc swaps valentines
4. Swap. I love swaps and getting mail from all over the world, but I usually stick with the smaller ones. Postage can quickly get high when mailing international, and local partners are rare for me. With my friends from The Den group on Ravelry we have organized a Valentine's Day / friendship cards swap. I received a fabulous bunch of envelopes from Madeleine, LumosKP, Nwheatley, Marushka and Myrtle2011.