Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dealing with that boring project...

Almost a week ago, I told you about that Lambton top I was going to cast on. Now how is it going? It started well, but almost fell into hibernation...

sweater knitting tee lambton top muskat soft cotton summer

Sure, the neckline was a lot of fun to knit with stripes in contrasting color (that purple is a leftover of Cheval blanc Sunny I had in my stash). I even added one more stripe to make the neckline more reasonably deep. The yarn is so soft and doesn't split at all: I love it and the pattern looks really great in a variegated colorway.

But, and there is a big BUT: despite a bit of shaping, this summer top is at the top of the boring projects pyramid. It goes up quickly, actually so fast I ran out of yarn at the knitting group last Saturday afternoon (note to self: one should always carry an extra ball). However you'll need to find the motivation to pick up your needles and work on it.

Several options here:

1. Knitting group meetings. It's perfect when you eat and chat while knitting. But I hope to finish it this month and one more afternoon won't be enough.

2. TV. You won't have to watch your needles a lot. But I'm not a TV addict, maybe I watch an hour or two a week. Not much progress to hope either.

3. Audiobooks. I love those. I've just downloaded part 6 of A Storm of Swords. I enjoy the Song of Ice and Fire series a lot and can listen to hours in a row. But it's really more fun with an entertaining project on the needles. I'm familiar enough with Roy Dotrice's voice after over 100 hours of his readings to not need to stick to stockinette.

4. Travelling. On Saturday I have a meeting over 500 kilometers away. I don't think there's going to be much knitting time once there between work and nights at a good friend who lives nearby (hotel nights are more productive). But 3:35 hours high speed train tomorrow and on Sunday is a lot of time. My best plan so far, I just need to stay motivated and take only this project with me to not be tempted by all those works in progress lying around.

Hopefully progress pictures to come once I'm back...