Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colorwork dishcloth and square patterns.

Before leaving for the knitting group and have some fun with my fellow crafters, it's time to let you discover my first published designs.

All of these patterns give you a 8x8" square if knitted to gauge. So you may decide to knit them in cotton yarn to make a dishcloth or washcloth. Or you may prefer to knit several of them with your favorite wool and join them together in a blanket or other modular item for your home.

dishcloth bunny rabbit washcloth afghan square weeping duplicate stitch knitting sadFirst, there's Weeping Bunny. This cute little rabbit is made with duplicate stitches on a stockinette square. You'll need only 2 colors and it's a great pattern if you want to learn this technique I fancy because it keeps the knitting part easy and avoids all yarn tangling.

Get it for $1.99 only! 

dishcloth washcloth, afghan square intarsia pig smiling cute knitting colorwork
Second, there's Smiling Pig. This adorable piggy will bring a ton of good mood in your house. It's knitted in intarsia using 4 colors. Not really complicated either.

Get it for $1.99 only! 

moody acorns dishcloth washcloth square squares afghan blanket intarsia colorwork knitting
Finally, there's Moody Acorns. This set figures 4 acorns in happy, sad, surprised and puzzled moods. They're knitted in very easy intarsia (4 colors, no more than 3 in a row, little color changes) that will suit people who want to learn that technique. The pattern also includes a beginner crochet border with lots of photos to explain how to proceed.

Get them for $2.99 only! 

I wish you all a great weekend!