Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birth of a knitting pattern - part 1: ideas!

Ever wondered how I make it from nothingness to a published pattern? I guess you're all curious and answered yes! Today I'm going to start a series of posts giving an insight of what's behind those PDF files you can purchase from my store.

First step and probably most important as nothing is possible without it: finding the striking idea that will make a great original pattern.

Usually the most powerful ideas come when you don't think hard about finding one. So, always have a notebook or a sheet of paper and a pencil with you! I have found out my top moment is when I wake up. Yay! Sweet dreams about beautiful knitted socks and fun washcloths. As a consequence, breakfast often turns into doodling.

author at the kitchen table doodling, sketching, a design for a crochet pattern

Here I am while waiting for milk to heat. No the pastry wasn't my inspiration that day. Side note as I know someone's going to ask, I'm wearing a Gentle Aran sweater. And my water jug is dressed in a cozy adapted from Rabbit in the Brambles Tea Cozy.

Now back to our matter of the day. How to keep track of ideas? My favorite way is to sketch. It gives you an idea about the finished look... and the feasibility of the project you're dreaming about. When you want to design a pair of socks, you'd better give up if you need at least 100 stitches to transcribe your idea or you have to find a way to simplify it.

If you have a very creative brain like I do, you'll end with dozens of little papers with potential designs. Time for selection. At the moment I'm working on three kind of patterns:

- Fauna and Flora items: a way to show my love for animals and nature.
- Fruity socks: a common theme has benefits, like the day you decide to buy an ad space to promote your socks it's much easier if you have a consistant sock range. 
- Christmas designs: I hope to have a few available until the time comes for most people to think about knitting that kind of stuff. Christmas being my favorite holiday I can't miss it. And it's the opportunity to start my own Christmas knitting early.

When going to the next step, I'll choose a little paper with a project that fits into one of the three categories listed above and keep the other ideas in a sleeve. I won't design fruit themed socks forever. One day there might be something useful in the archives.

Soon, I'll tell you about step 2: stay tuned!

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