Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby hats for a good cause!

Ravelry is my ever favorite social network. It's the online home for many knitters. Don't know it yet? Time to join in the fun. And registration is free.

Ravelry has a lot of forum groups, for all kind of knitters: Help for beginners, regional, based on a specific time of items or techniques, craft-alongs, swaps, just for fun chat... You'll find those made for you.

Where I spend most of my (seriously too long) Ravelry time is the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (the HPKCHC). I won't write an essay about my love for the Harry Potter verse today or my dinner will burn in the oven, but for all crafters fond of J.K. Rowling's work it's the group to be in. It works like a giant knit/crochet/spin/dye-along with prompts inspired by the books: classes, OWLs, NEWTs and you can even play quidditch. Three times a year there's a sorting ceremony for the term where you end up in one of the four houses: Hufflepuff is my home. And the more you finish projects (that's why I joined in the first place: get my projects out of work in progression stage) the more you earn your team points.

For quidditch there's a way to get extra points those days: crafting for charity, charity in the broadest sense of the word. So a friend of mine found a nursery department that takes preemie/newborn baby hats. And here is a pair.

baby hat cupcake fruitcake unicorn poo crochet
This first one is based on My Cupcake Hat to fulfill a fruitcake inspired project challenge. Have you ever found a unicorn poop-ish cream so yummy and with a gigantic cherry on it? I bet you haven't!

baby summer hat pink crochet

The second one is Big Girl Bonnet (sorry only Ravelry link available) and is answering a keep the sun out of the eyes assignment: the visor was a pain to crochet, really, but it's so cute girlish!

Still more hats to comes in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned!