Sunday, February 10, 2013

A knitting obsessed brain...

Remember, this weekend was supposed to be minimal crafting only with some progress on my Lambton top while on train and nothing else.

Well things didn't turn out as expected at all.

I didn't even pack Lambton top. Not that there wasn't enough space for it. Socks were just too appealing. And in fact I did knit a leg while on train Friday afternoon.

Yesterday was expected to be one of those rare no knitting days. That was forgetting how knitting obsessed my brain was. Some creative days I simply can't disconnect my mind from my stitches. Demonstration.

1. The meeting was supposed to be fascinating. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone. That was until the boring guy spoke forever with his monotonous voice. People could have thought I was taking plenty of notes. I was in fact doodling ideas for a future pair of wrist warmers. I even have a pretty good idea of how I want them to look like. There's been a controversial in France a couple of days ago after one of our congressmen took a picture of his colleague playing Scrabble on his iPad during the debates. I'd better keep my mouth shut on that kind of matters.

acrylic blue pink baby babis
2. I've been on a yarn diet since January 1. This is one of my good resolutions for 2013: destash before I drown in yarn. I had decided to not visit local yarn shops in each place I come by. Guess what? MORE YARN! It's Himalaya Bebis. It wasn't in the Ravelry database before I put it in. I have no idea what it's worth but I fell in love with the colors.

Conclusion: I'm definitely better at food control than at yarn control.

ravelry browsing strawberry sock bamboo yarn
3. Finally last night I stayed at a friend. Of course I was expecting chatting and stuff. It happens that my friend had a bad headache and fell asleep on the couch (that was actually supposed to be my bed). And there I was on a corner of the kitchen table browsing Ravelry on my Netbook and knitting socks while eating strawberries.

Yes the sock in the picture is folded as it's a design sample, but I promise it's going to be released very soon!!!