Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunshiny yarn

muskat drops yarn summer cotton worsted
I don't know how the sky looks like where you live, but in my corner of France it's been grey and wet for far too long. Spring can't come soon enough. And Santa knows my dislike for winter. He brought me some sunshiny summer cotton yarn.

I've never used any of this Garnstudio Drops Muskat Soft but it has a good feel, the "soft" in it's name is well deserved. I'm sure anything made out of it will be comfy to wear even next to skin. Is it nice to knit with? I'll let you know later, I've never had any of it (but I have more as I found some on sale very recently). I hope it's not too splitty like a lot of non-mercerized cotton yarns tend to be.

After some research in my patterns (I have a huge pile I want to someday knit in between testing my own), I've decided to knit Lambton top with it. I should have just enough to knit the medium sized one I need. These miles of stockinette frighten me a little because I'm fond of challenging patterns and get easily bored but with variegated colorways complex stitch combos often look disappointing in the end.

Let's cast on while awaiting the summer!